7th Annual KMUMC
Saturday, November 3, 2018
Kennesaw State University

Goals of the Conference

  • Provide students with an opportunity to present their work (mathematical research or exposition) in a friendly, supportive, collaborative environment, and see the work of fellow students and faculty
  • Introduce students to a broader mathematical community, provide them with an opportunity to network
  • Allow students to see an address by a well-known mathematician
  • Provide students with information about graduate school and careers which involve mathematical background

Keynote Speakers

  • Dr. Ulrica Wilson, Morehouse College
    Title: "A Matrix in Mathematics and the Matrix of Mathematics"
    Abstract: In mathematics, a matrix is an array of numbers and I am particularly interested in the combinatorial structure of a matrix — the location of its zero and nonzero entries. In this talk I will share some cool relationships between the combinatorial structure of a matrix and other properties such as its spectrum, eigenvectors, and Jordan structure.

    In another context, a matrix is the environment in which people develop (thrive or decline) along with the infrastructure that connects that development to patterns of history, processes, and opportunities. As students, faculty, practitioners, beneficiaries and creators of mathematics, we are all a part of the matrix of mathematics. In this talk, I will share some lessons learned in building diversity in the mathematics community.

  • Dr. Neil Calkin, Clemson University
    Title: "What Newton Might Have Known"
    Abstract: We'll explore a story of using experimental mathematics in an undergraduate class, studying how a long forgotten result about the Babylonian or Newton-Raphson's method for finding roots was rediscovered. The talk will be accessible even to those without a calculus background.

Pedagogical Seminars

The theme of this year's pedagogical seminars is "Mathematics and Community Engagement". Our speakers will be:

  • Dr. Rachel Epstein, Georgia College
    Title: "Teaching the Mathematics of Gerrymandering and Elections"
    Abstract: Gerrymandering and ranked-choice voting are topics that have been in the news quite a bit lately. They are also topics that involve a significant amount of interesting math. This talk will discuss the speaker's experience of including a unit on the mathematics of social choice in an honors math course for non-majors that introduces students to theoretical mathematics. We will briefly discuss the topics covered in the course. Within voting theory, there are many alternative voting methods and fairness criteria students can evaluate. Within gerrymandering, students can learn how districts are gerrymandered and how to try to detect gerrymandering using various compactness measures.

  • Dr. Evans Harrell, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Title: "Mathematics in Motion" — communicating mathematics through arts partnerships

Presentations and Abstract Submission

Faculty and students are invited to present a 15-minute talk or a poster. To submit the title and abstract of your talk or poster presentation, please send an email with subject “abstract submission” to Sandee Chandler (schand17@kennesaw.edu) no later than October 23, 2018.

All posters should be sized to fit on a standard tri-fold poster board (36″ H x 48″ W).