Conference will start at 12:45pm on October 7 and will end by 3:00pm on October 8.

Summary of SEARCDE 2017 Program (pdf file)

Full SEARCDE 2017 Program (pdf file)

Saturday, October 7

11:00am – 6:00pm Registration (CL Atrium 1000)

12:45pm – 12:55pm Conference Opening (Room: SC 109)

Opening – Dhruba Adhikari
Welcome – Marcus Davis, Assosciate Dean for Research of the College of Science and Mathematics
Remarks – Sean F. Ellermeyer, Chair of the Department of Mathematics

1:00pm – 2:00pm Plenary 1 (Room: SC 109)

Suzanne Lenhart, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Modeling Infectious Diseases with Environmental Transmission

2:00pm – 2:20pm Coffee Break (SL Atrium 1001)

2:20pm – 3:40pm Parallel Sessions 1A – 1F

  • 2:20pm – 2:40pm
    Vasilios Alexiades
    Band formation in bacterial aerotaxis

    2:40pm – 3:00pm
    Harish Bhatt
    Efficient Krylov Exponential Time Differencing Method for 3D Advection-Diffusion-Reaction Systems

    3:00pm – 3:20pm
    Shasha Liao
    Nonlinear Modulational Instability of Dispersive PDE Models

    3:20pm – 3:40pm
    Rachel Leander
    Drift-diffusion threshold models for the analysis of cellular decisions

  • 2:20pm – 2:40pm
    Cameron Browne
    Dynamics of Virus and Immune Response Network Models

    2:40pm – 3:00pm
    Naveen K. Vaidya
    Modeling Pharmacodynamics on HIV Latent Infection

    3:00pm – 3:20pm
    Mustafa Elmas
    A two pathways model for chemotactic signaling in Azospirillum brasilense

    3:20pm – 3:40pm
    Hayriye Gulbudak
    Modeling Distinct Virus Infection Strategies in Virus-Microbe Systems

  • 2:20pm – 2:40pm
    Ibrahim Aslan
    Vaccine Impulse Model of Leptospirosis in Cattle

    2:40pm – 3:00pm
    Danielle Burton
    Harvest timing in difference equations

    3:00pm – 3:20pm
    Christina Edholm
    A Risk Structured Mathematical Model of Buruli Ulcer Disease in Ghana

    3:20pm – 3:40pm
    Eric Numfor
    Management Strategies in a Malaria Model Combining Human and Transmission-blocking Vaccines

  • 2:20pm – 2:40pm
    Diego Ramirez
    Monotone Method for Caputo Fractional Differential Equations with Impulses

    2:40pm – 3:00pm
    Lotfi Hermi
    On improving isoperimetric inequalities for the fundamental tone

    3:00pm – 3:20pm
    C. Buse, L. Nguyen
    Asymptotic stability for individual trajectories of discrete periodic evolution families of operators in Banach spaces

    3:20pm – 3:40pm
    John Gemmer
    Least Action Methods and Noise Induced Transitions in Periodically Forced Systems

  • 2:20pm – 2:40pm
    Craig D. Collins
    Two-level Schwarz Methods for Discontinuous Galerkin Approximations of Second Order Elliptic Problems

    2:40pm – 3:00pm
    Matthew Fury
    Logarithmic, well-posed approximation of the backward heat equation in $L^p$ spaces, $p$ in (1, ∞)

    3:00pm – 3:20pm
    Dipendra Regmi
    Global weak solution of magnetohydrodynamic equations with partial dissipation and diffusion

    3:20pm – 3:40pm
    Cody Lorton
    An Efficient Numerical Method for Electromagnetic Scattering in Random Media

  • 2:20pm – 2:40pm
    Lake Ritter
    A delay differential equation model of activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase

    2:40pm – 3:00pm
    Sathyanarayanan Rengaswami
    Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions to Infinite Dimensional Kuramoto Model

    3:00pm – 3:20pm
    Hasala Senpathy Gallolu Kankanamalage
    Two type Lyapunov-Krasovskii Characterizations of Input-to-Output Stability for Systems with Delays

    3:20pm – 3:40pm
    Zhisheng Shuai
    A Graph-Theoretic Approach to the Construction of Lyapunov Functions

3:40pm – 3:55pm Coffee Break (SL Atrium 1001)

3:55pm – 5:15pm Parallel Sessions 2A – 2F

  • 3:55pm – 4:15pm
    Xiaoqian Gong
    Existence and Uniqueness of Measure Valued Solutions to a Hyperbolic Conservation Law with In-flux and Out-flux

    4:15pm – 4:35pm
    Nezam Iraniparast
    Solutions to a First Order Hyperbolic System

    4:35pm – 4:55pm
    Shangbing Ai
    Travelling wave solutions for nonlocal predator-prey models

    4:55pm – 5:15pm
    Marcella Noorman
    Local Sensitivity Analysis for 1D Poro-Elastic and Poro-Visco-Elastic Models

  • 3:55pm – 4:15pm
    Hem Joshi
    Modeling Agal Blooms

    4:15pm – 4:35pm
    J. Angela Hart Murdock
    Seasonal Effects on Sources and Large Mouth Bass Predation in Normandy Lake

    4:35pm – 4:55pm
    Hugh Matlock
    Modeling different protocols of dendritic cell therapy for melanoma

    4:55pm – 5:15pm
    Layachi Hadji
    Mathematical modeling of nonlinear convection induced by the sequestration of carbon dioxide in a geological formation

  • 3:55pm – 4:15pm
    Muhammad Islam
    Bounded Solutions of a Volterra integrodifferential equation

    4:15pm – 4:35pm
    Saleh S. Almuthaybiri
    Quasilinearization and Boundary Value Problems at Resonance for Caputo Fractional Differential Equations

    4:35pm – 4:55pm
    Zachary Denton
    Monotone method for systems of RL fractional inegro-differential equations

    4:55pm – 5:15pm
    Youssef Raffoul
    Discretization scheme in Volterra integro-differential equations that preserves stability and boundedness

  • 3:55pm – 4:15pm
    Min Wang
    Existence of solutions for a nonlocal fractional boundary value problem

    4:15pm – 4:35pm
    Elif Demirci
    A Fractional Order Epidemic Model for HBV in a Non-Constant Population

    4:35pm – 4:55pm
    Rajendra Dahal
    New monotonicity conditions in discrete fractional calculus with applications to extremality conditions

    4:55pm – 5:15pm
    Tobias Wöhrer
    Large time behavior in defective Fokker-Planck equations

  • 3:55pm – 4:15pm
    Ramjee Sharma
    On the numerical solutions of 2D Boussinesq equations with fractional dissipation

    4:15pm – 4:35pm
    Ronald E. Mickens
    Approximate Solution to the ODE modeling thermal expulsion of fluid from a slender heated tube

    4:35pm – 4:55pm
    Muhammad Hameed
    Mathematical Modeling of the Breakup of a Slender Fluid Jet with Variable Surface Tension

    4:55pm – 5:15pm
    Ilhame Amirali
    Numerical Solution of Parameterized Singularly Perturbed Problem with Integral Boundary Condition

  • 3:55pm – 4:15pm
    Sze-Man Ngai
    Spectral asymptotics of some one-dimensional fractal Laplacians

    4:15pm – 4:35pm
    Stephen Robinson
    Characterizing the Fucik Spectrum for the $p-$Laplacian

    4:35pm – 4:55pm
    Mauricio Rivas
    Eigencurves for the two-parameter Robin-Steklov eigenproblem for the Laplacian

    4:55pm – 5:15pm
    Frederique Drullion
    Growth of groups of wind generated waves

5:20pm – 6:20pm Plenary 2 (Room: SC 109)

Michael Li, University of Alberta
Mathematical Models for Infectious Diseases with Nonlocal State Structures

6:30pm – 8:30pm RECEPTION DINNER (University Rooms A, B, C)

Sunday, October 8

7:30am – 11:00am Registration (CL Atrium 1000)

7:30am – 8:30am Coffee (SL Atrium 1001)

8:30am – 9:30am Plenary 3 (Room: SC 109)

Alfonso Castro, Harvey Mudd College
Critical Point Theory and Multiplicity of Solutions to Elliptic Boundary Value Problems

9:30am – 9:50am Coffee Break (SL Atrium 1001)

9:50am – 11:10am Parallel Sessions 3A – 3F

  • 9:50am – 10:10am
    Yuanzhen Shao
    Wellposedness of a Nonlocal Nonlinear Diffusion Equation of Image Processing

    10:10am – 10:30am
    Subhash Subedi
    Blow-up problem for one dimensional fractional reaction diffusion equation

    10:30am – 10:50am
    Josef Navratil
    Stationary solutions of reaction-diffusion equations with unilateral regulations

    10:50am – 11:10am
    Daniel Guo
    Numerical Solutions of Time-Dependent Partial Differential Equation

  • 9:50am – 10:10am
    Zachariah Sinkala
    A dynamical system model of a locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer with chemo-radiotherapy

    10:10am – 10:30am
    Khem Poudel
    Modeling T cell proliferation in response to lung cancer in mice

    10:30am – 10:50am
    Andrei Olifer
    A model of a virtual community with a decentralized reputation-based peer evaluation

    10:50am – 11:10am
    Oluwaseun F Egbelowo
    Application of nonstandard finite difference method to three compartment pharmacokinietics models

  • 9:50am – 10:10am
    Yu-Min Chung
    Inertial Manifolds Computations

    10:10am – 10:30am
    Benedict Pineyro
    Super Time-Stepping Schemes for Conduction-Radiation Heat Transfer Problem

    10:30am – 10:50am
    Qingshan Chen
    The barotropic quasi-geostrophic equation under a free surface

    10:50am – 11:10am
    Joseph Paullet
    Analysis of Stagnation Point Flow of an Upper-Convected Maxwell Fluid

  • 9:50am – 10:10am
    Lucas Castle
    Well-Posedness and Control in a Free Boundary Fluid-Structure Interaction

    10:10am – 10:30am
    Kevin Sonnanburg
    Blow-up Continuity in Mean Curvature Flow

    10:30am – 10:50am
    Yanni Zeng
    $L^p$ Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions to General Hyperbolic-Parabolic Systems of Balance Laws in Multi Space Dimensions

    10:50am – 11:10am
    S. S. Ravindran
    Dirichlet Control Using Boundary Penalty Method for Unsteady Navier-Stokes Equations

  • 9:50am – 10:10am
    Lingju Kon
    On a discrete fourth order boundary value problem

    10:10am – 10:30am
    Jeffrey Neugebauer
    Solutions of Boundary Value Problems at Resonance with Periodic and Antiperiodic Boundary Conditions

    10:30am – 10:50am
    Dan Maroncelli
    Nonlinear Sturm-Liouville problems with nonlocal boundary conditions

    10:50am – 11:10am
    Andrei Ludu
    Differential Equations of Dynamical Order

  • 9:50am – 10:10am
    Susmita Sadhu
    Noise induced mixed-mode oscillations in a stochastic predator-prey system with two time-scales

    10:10am – 10:30am
    Divine Wanduku
    The fundamental properties of a family of stochastic epidemic dynamic models for vector-borne diseases. Case study: malaria

    10:30am – 10:50am
    John Graef
    Some existence results for systems of second-order impulsive differential equations

    10:50am – 11:10am
    Mehtap Lafcı
    On Periodicity of Solutions of an Impulsive Differential Equation with Piecewise Constant Arguments

11:10am – 11:30am Coffee Break (SL Atrium 1001)

11:30am – 12:30pm Plenary 4 (Room: SC 109)

Jerry L. Bona, University of Illinois at Chicago
Applications of Water Wave Theory in Oceanography and Coastal Engineering

12:30pm – 1:30pm Lunch (SL Atrium 1001)

1:30pm – 2:50pm Parallel Sessions 4A – 4E

  • 1:30pm – 1:50pm
    Wandi Ding
    Mathematical Models of Community-acquired and Hospital-acquired Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) transmission in Hospital and Community Settings

    1:50pm – 2:10pm
    Livia Corsi
    Quasi-periodic solutions for dispersive PDEs

    2:10pm – 2:30pm
    Abdulahi Falade
    Mathematical modelling of within-host dynamics of cholera: bacterial viral interaction

    2:30pm – 2:50pm
    Dephney Mathebula
    Mathematical Modelling vector-borne diseases

  • 1:30pm – 1:50pm
    Kileen Berry
    An Energy-Based Blending of Classical Elasticity and Peridynamics

    1:50pm – 2:10pm
    Jacy Zanussi
    Is Allee Effect critical for tumor progression?

    2:10pm – 2:30pm
    Wencel Valega-Mackenzie
    Modeling The Impact of Zika Virus Epidemic with Vaccination

    2:30pm – 2:50pm
    Jagdish A. Nanware
    Monotone Method for Finite System of Riemann-Liouville Sequential Fractional Differential Equations with Periodic Boundary Conditions

  • 1:30pm – 1:50pm
    Buddhi Pantha
    Optimal control applied to a spatio-temporal anthrax Model

    1:50pm – 2:10pm
    Tiago Miyaoka
    Optimal control of vaccination in a PDE model for Zika virus

    2:10pm – 2:30pm
    Youssef Dib
    Optimization of Cash Management Fluctuation

    2:30pm – 2:50pm
    Shahzad Sarwar
    Dynamics of Fractional Differential Systems with Riemann-Liouville and Hadamard Derivatives

  • 1:30pm – 1:50pm
    Keshav Acharya
    Titchmarsh-Weyl theory for vector valued discrete Schrodinger operators

    1:50pm – 2:10pm
    Evans M. Harrell II
    Localization of eigenfunctions on quantum graphs

    2:10pm – 2:30pm
    Yi Hu
    Blowup rate for rotational nonlinear Schroedinger equations

    2:30pm – 2:50pm
    Zakaria El Allali
    Eigenvalue problems for $p(x)$--Kirchhoff-type equations with Neumann boundary conditions

  • 1:30pm – 1:50pm
    Curtis Kunkel
    A Summer Undergraduate Research Project in Fractional Difference Equations

    1:50pm – 2:10pm
    David Benko
    Energy estimation of long distance runners

    2:10pm – 2:30pm
    C. Okhio, L. Crimm
    Experimental and Numerical Investigation of a Flow-Leak Simulators

    2:30pm – 2:50pm

2:50pm Closing Remarks (Room: SC 109)

Coffee Available in SL Atrium 1001