SAUPO 2023

Organized by KSU Asian Studies Program, the Symposium on ASIA-USA Partnership Opportunities (SAUPO) is the largest Asia business conference in the USA since 2011. SAUPO was held on Friday April 7, 2023 (Good Friday) from 8am to 3:30pm at KSU Center in metro Atlanta. A total of 350 participants attended 2023 SAUPO in person, and an additional 700 global audience watched SAUPO via live streaming. The 1000+ global audience were business leaders, government officials, community organizers, diplomats, scholars and students from the USA and Asia. All the audience enjoyed innovative business ideas and exciting discussions. Onsite participants also benefited from valuable networking opportunities, and nonstop service of coffee, tea, food and drinks.  

2023 SAUPO Photo Album | Photographer Victor Lei 2023 SAUPO Photo Album | Photographer Stuart Hasson

Williams, T. (2023). Atlanta’s Growing Asia Links Get High-Level Nod at Kennesaw State Conference. Global Atlanta. Retrieved 04/10/2023 

Dr. May Gao, the SAUPO Chair has received warm congratulatory messages from both onsite participants and online audience. Here are some examples: 

  • Congratulations to the leadership team of Kennesaw State University and to Dr. May Gao, for organizing the SAUPO conference. I have been a fan of SAUPO since 2017 and I have found business partners at SAUPO for several of my companies. Because of SAUPO, I have decided to open a manufacturing base in metro Atlanta, and we plan to hire 10,000 Georgians at this facility, hope KSU students of various majors will apply for these job positions.”

  • Dr. Gao, Congratulations to you and the entire SAUPO team of organizers and facilitators for this success. Appreciate the many ways this symposium annually continues to bring national and international prominence to KSU. Thank you for your leadership and impact.”

  • Congrats on another wonderful SAUPO. YKK and YKK AP would like to strengthen our relationship with KSU. I just emailed you a Translator Job opportunity at YKK AP in Macon. Please ask graduating Japanese-speaking KSU Asian Studies Majors to apply!”

  • Congratulations Dr. Gao and KSU, for the success of 2023 SAUPO. No words can fully express or convey my gratitude for being a part of today’s SAUPO, and being included in all you do and the lives you impact. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

  • Congrats on the impactful success of SAUPO 2023! We connected with many clients at SAUPO.”

  • Thank you for all of your hard work, passion, and energy last Friday at SAUPO! It was a wonderful event and I learned so much as a student, and a future businesswoman.”

  • Congratulations to Dr. Gao and colleagues from KSU for holding 2023 SAUPO successfully. This is a great opportunity to meet with different business leaders. I hope we can have more opportunities to build relationship and serve them.”

  • So great meeting you, Dr. Gao! Congratulations on the fantastic SAUPO 2023 – very well done! It’s refreshing to hear insightful questions some of your students asked, I can imagine how proud you and your colleagues must be.”

  • Hi Dr. Gao, want to say thank you for the food, we all loved it. The SAUPO event was awesome! Heard a lot of great feedback. Hope you have a relaxing weekend”

  • I was able to tune into the SAUPO livestream and see the panels. It was an extremely insightful conference and displayed a very promising future for Asian Studies students at KSU”

  • Thank you for sharing SAUPO livestream link with us. We watched SAUPO online and learned about APEC this year and U.S.-Asia relations”

  • Dear Dr. Gao, The SAUPO conference went really well! You did a great job organizing it. I enjoyed volunteering and hope to help out again next year.”

  • Thank you all for supporting SAUPO. It was a fantastic event today and great to see many KSU leaders supporting the symposium and Dr. May Gao. Congratulations May.”

  • May, Congratulations on pulling off another spectacular and impactful SAUPO. You and your team outdid yourself. I especially love learning about what the event meant to the students.”

  • Congratulations on SAUPO 2023. I believe it was the best SAUPO ever. I'm sorry I could not be of more assistance with it this year. I did have a discussion with Brittany about the badges and we agreed to work together to create a template for badges for SAUPO 2024. Please keep me informed about meetings for the SAUPO planning committee, as I do want to remain involved. ”

  • Congratulations on a first class program!”

  • Dr. May Gao, Great pleasure to speak at the SAUPO. Great and successful event! ”

  • Dear May Gao, Thanks for this successful event! I am looking forward to seeing you again! Best regards”

  • So thrilled to be a part of this amazing event. ”

  • The event turned out beautifully. It was amazing and I am proud I could be part of it. I am excited for the future and potential jobs that are in store for me because of knowing you. You truly are a blessing in my life and I appreciate you. ”

  • Congratulations on another successful and impactful SAUPO. Thank you for the opportunity of being a sponsor and an exhibitor. We enjoyed our time at SAUPO this year, talking with your students and connecting with business leaders. ”

  • Hello May! I very much enjoyed the SAUPO last week and would like to connect for partnerships. ”

  • Dear May, Congratulations on another amazing SAUPO! I thoroughly enjoyed the time I could spend there and I'm so proud of you and the work that you're doing.”

  • Great SAUPO conference!!! Wonderful echoes in the news and great pictures!! Job well done. You now deserve a break. Take good care! ”

  • Dear Dr. Gao, SAUPO this year was such a successful event. I'm very impressed with your enthusiasm and hard work. Together with the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Georgia (JCCG), we enjoy our continuous strong relationship with KSU and let's plan another successful seminar on 'Japanese Companies Hiring KSU Asian Studies Interns' this year again!”