2014 SAUPO Atlanta

The 2014 SAUPO Workshop was successfully held at KSU Center on Friday April 18, 2014. We had over 200 people from 102 companies/institutions attending. Business leaders from AT&T, Huawei, YKK Corporation of America, and U.S. Department of Commerce shared their insights on building strategic relationships between the U.S. and Asia. Our keynote speaker was Mr. Adil Kabani, an Economic Policy Advisor for the White House Initiative on Asian American and Pacific Islanders and Overseas Private Investment Corporation.


  • Dr. Gary Bertsch, Chairman of TradeSecure, & Professor Emeritus, University of Georgia

    Mr. Alex Gregory, President & CEO, YKK Corporation of America

    Mr. Adil Kabani, OPIC & The White House Initiative on AAPIs

    Mr. Aman Sehgal, Director of Alliances & Business Development, Huawei Enterprise USA, Inc.

    Mr. Donald Nay, Director, U.S. Export Assistant Center, U.S. Dept. of Commerce

    Mr. JR Wilson, Vice President of Partnerships & Alliances, AT&T

  • Hi May, Pleasure meeting you at the SAUPO event this past Friday.  The event proved to be very promising networking with the various individuals in attendance.  Hope you experienced the same, and cheers for a job well done!
    Tim McNany, Alastar Advisory Group, LLC, Acquisitions & Investor Relations

    Congratulations on a successful workshop yesterday.  I had two GSU students attend, so now you can say you had representation from 10 universities!
    Penelope B. Prime, Ph.D., Director, China Research Center; Professor of International Business, Georgia State University

    Thank you for your invitation and hospitality. It was a great and successful convention. We enjoyed it very much and hope to see you again very soon. 
    Katie Li, Konka America, Inc.

    Congratulations on another successful SAUPO event. The turn out was terrific.
    Donald Nay, U.S. Department of Commerce

    Thank you for inviting me to the SAUPO Workshop and networking luncheon.  You did a great job.  I got to make many new connections.
    Ling Chiang, VP Business Relationship Manager, Wells Fargo

    Thanks so much for inviting me to the SAUPO experience. It was very useful and I enjoyed myself.
    Mark Alan Forehand, Institute for Global Initiatives, KSU

    Congratulations on another successful event and milestone. Unfortunately I could not stay long, however clearly the turnout was very good.
    Vikram Das, Grant Thornton

    May, congratulations on another awesome event.  You will soon have a new career track opportunity as event planner. Thanks for everything!
    Jim McGee, Sr. Director Government Relations, Huawei Technologies USA, Inc.